We believe that to know us the best thing is to come and meet us. However, as you can see, our family is composed of "about” 7 persons who take care of the farm.

The history

The maternal grandparents Brugi, owner of various plots of land in the Commune of Scansano, cultivated at vines, olives and cattle growing, decide to buy the Farm Belvedere in the Commune of Campagnatico in the 50s
Here they plant the first olive groves and the first vineyards, grafting the scions, which then created the “Morellino di Scansano”.
The paternal grandparents Pierini decide to sell various lands near Poggioferro in the Commune of Scansano, and with the gained and the help of friends and relatives decide to buy a farm called Poggio Lombardo, dedicating themselves to the cultivation of olive groves, cereals and cattle breeding. With time each farm buys new land.
Around the 90s, rationalising costs and resources, father, mother and the three sons decide to create from the two a unique farm calling it “Pierini & Brugi”.
They abandoned the cattle breeding giving more importance to the cultivations to obtain quality products and establish a direct contact with the consumer. Planning an investment program, the farm begins to cultivate olive groves, vineyards, saffron, spelt with the methods of organic agriculture and begins to dedicated itself at the farm-house activity.

9 May 2007