Discovering Maremma is a unique experience, with an alternate of very long and equipped beaches of very fine sand, of blooming pine-woods, of little holds with a crystal-clear sea, of desert beaches near natural paradises, of unpolluted isles, of villages and castles, austere and at the same time joyful, of very sweet landscapes rich of nature and history, where oenogastronomy surely plays a rule of primary importance.
Numerous are the localities of the Coast: Capalbio, Monte Argentario, Talamone, Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala, that, thanks to their uniqueness, are the adopted places chosen by numerous personalities in the political, industrial, cultural field and by important personages in the show business. The summer and winter mountain tourism is also of prominent importance, that is to say the area of Mount Amiata, where in winter you can ski. Very important also the thermal tourism, thanks to the very famous Saturnia Spas and the emerging Petriolo Spas and Sorano Spas.
In the province of Grosseto are numerous the localities of archaeological interest (Cosa, the Archaeological Park of the Tuff, Roselle, Vetulonia, etc…) of monumental and artistic interest, the characteristic historical centres (Grosseto, Massa Marittima, Orbetello, Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana, etc…), where Medieval and Renaissance atmospheres mix together and make the artistic patrimony of Maremma among the most important in the national territory. Ours is a country where man settled down for centuries, in harmony with the surrounding nature. The Etruscans, whose vestiges are present copiously and diffusely, in an harmonic union with the ambience. The Romans, whose traces say that the great Empire approached moderately this country.
The Aldobrandeschi family, who governed for centuries in the Medieval time, leaving towers, castles, strongholds, fortifications and villages well harmonized with the territory. The Medici and the Lorena dynasties, who left works and fortresses of great suggestion with the aim of safeguarding the surrounding nature. A trip to Maremma is since ever a trip into nature, capable of giving great emotions. In facts, numerous are the naturalistic protected areas, that permit to know the numerous animal and botanic realities and varieties, in the evocative light and in the landscape of this country. The Preserves of Nature are not separated from the rest of the territory, but they are an integrating part, in respect of the balances that nature indicates.
“Daccia-Botrona” and “The Lagoon of Orbetello” are wet coast areas of international importance; “Montioni” is a big Mediterranean wood, thick and full of mystery; “Farma and Pietra” are woods among the rivers with botanic and zoological rarities; “Cornate and Fosini” is a wild mountain preserve with woods, castles and grasslands; “Basso-Merse” protects a capricious and vivacious river; “Poggio all’Olmo” is a meditation place, where you can admire landscapes and birds of prey; “Rocconi and Pescinello” are two incredible places, rich of sheer rocks, rare animals, century plants and clean rivers; “Monte Labbro” reminds evocative histories and nature; “The Wood of the Trinity” talks about dragons and missing woods; “Mount Penna” represents the most beautiful mountain and wood; “Montauto” preserves the river Fiora and the otter that lives in it.
Not least the quality of Maremma oenogastronomy, that is worth alone a trip to this country.
In facts, it is enough to list some of the typical dishes like the “acquacotta”, the delicious “pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale o di lepre”, the classical “tortelli maremmani ripieni di bietola e ricotta”, the main dishes of game and fish, to motivate a trip.
From a country of hunters, fishers and merely agricultural come the various receipts with wild boar, wild rabbit, pheasant, fish of a delicate taste, of delicious fruits of the earth, cheese and the soups and “bruschette” too.
Among the great excellent values of this country, we can’t forget the wines and the olive oils (“Morellino di Scansano, Montecucco, Monteregio di Massa Marittima, etc…”) and the Extra-virgin Olive Oil that matches the typical dishes and exalts the unique tastes of the unforgettable culinary tradition. The oenogastronomic itineraries that Maremma offers to the connoisseurs and visitors are a lot.