fron Organic farming

Spelt was the basis food for the Assyrians and the Egyptians for all the ancient people of the Middle East and of North Africa.
The legions of Rome were often paid with spelt. Undoubtedly you could define it the basis food of that historical time.

The main characteristic is however its anti-oxidant power, due to its high content of selenium and phytic acid, that oppose the formation of the free radicals (they result to be the cause of the ageing and of every form of cellular degeneration). Spelt is poor of essential amino acid, but this lack is easily compensated by the gastronomie pairing with the leguminous.

The pearl-spelt is a very important cereal against the free radicals. In addition we must consider that spelt is rich in vitamins of the groups A-B-C-E and of minerai salts, it contains phosphor, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

With the pearling are eliminated the external layers of the bark. The times for cooking diminuish, but no fundamental nutritive principle is eliminated. No soaking. Keep in a cool piace.

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