Saffron stigmas

Biological farm

From Middle Age saffron has been largely cultivated in Tuscany. In the past it was mainly used as natural dye to colour textile, then it has been reintroduced as culinary plantation. Saffron is a really demanding crop, both for its plantation and for its production.

In our farm we only produce the purest saffron stigmas. The processing is just handmade. The inflorescences are harvested at the end of Autumn in the morning before the sunrise. In this way the still closed flowers keep unaltered their organoleptic properties. Once picked, the flowers are opened and the red stigmas are removed and set near a fireplace to dry. Then they are wrapped to be used in many food preparations, both as the main ingredient and as a spice to exalt dishes flavour. The most important thing is to immerse the stigmas in warm water some hours before using them (better after having break them in a mortar).

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